Monday, June 24, 2013

Origins GinZing Eye Cream Review

Now this is something I never thought I would be reviewing on my blog! I have never been an eye cream kind of girl, mainly because I never saw the point. I don't have a problem with dark circles or bags under my eyes mainly because I make time for sleep. It has always been drilled into me by my parents that you must sleep. I am the annoying person who has never had to stay up late for to work on a paper or study because I plan my time around my sleep. Don't worry I am not this sensible all the time! 

Having got this for christmas in a set, I tried it out really not expecting much, but I was surprised to find out I loved it! The product come in a nice container and has a moisturiser-like consistency, a salmon pink colour ( haha sounds odd but it does!) and a really nice smell similar to the Vita-Zing. According to the pot this eye cream will brighten and depuff your eyes, sounds good to me! 

I use this product evening and night as I find it is cooling under my eyes and even at night time make me look more awake! That is one thing I didn't expect this eye cream to do, it really brightens up your under eyes without making them look like you just dumped a bucket of glitter under there! I find I can use this alone without concealer to brighten up my under eyes perfectly. The other reason this is a great product is the fact it works amazingly as a base for my concealer, which goes on much easier and smoother than without this product underneath. It acts almost like a brightening primer and I never but under eye concealer on without it!

I would have to say, even though I haven't tried many this is a great eye cream and I would highly recommend it! Here is a list of the pros and cons of this product to help any of you who are looking to buy it! 
  • Nice Fragrance not over powering. 
  • Does what it says on the tin and brightens really well!
  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • Nice Constancy 
  • Cooling 
  • Nice packaging  
  • Works well as a primer for concealer 
Cons -
  • Expensive ( and mine is running out ... sigh) 
The pros outweigh the cons rather dramatically for this product which seems to explain why I love it so much! However it comes in at £23 which is why I am so distressed at the fact that my little tester one is running out! On a student budget that is rather hefty! Though for this product I think I can just about stretch!
  Let me know if you have tried the Gin-Zing Eye Cream! What do you guys think? 

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