Monday, June 24, 2013

Currently ...

[Taking a walk up the hill on a beautiful summers day in Edinburgh]

Watching: New Girl, my best friend was up this weekend and we took the chance to have a vey lazy sunday of TV and movie watching and on the menu was many, many episodes of New girl!. I have also been loving the new BBC series The White Queen, not only because it's a period piece but also one of the main characters is so gorgeous! It's worth a watch for him alone!

Thinking: About lots of different post ideas. I have lots of free time this summer to relax and I really want to build up my blog and have fun with it! 

Listening: To Hunter Hayes. I am British through and through but country music is just the best thing! I have always loved it but it's not really a thing here in the UK. Luckily I have lovely university friends from Texas who share my love of country! We have weekly conversations of "ooohhh have you heard this!" on Facebook! 

Reading: Lots ( well trying to!). Like just about everyone else, summer is a time for reading! It's the only time of year when reading is relaxing and not squeezed in to a 10 minute window of a busy day! I am currently looking for book recommendations if you guys have any it would be much appreciated! 

Loving: Wearing no makeup! It's finally the time of year where my skin is bare and beginning to tan! Unless I am going out or wanting to look perfect, face makeup is minimal and my skin is loving it. 

Drinking: Water! Lots of it! I am the most useless person when it comes to drinking water, I always forget! I have been known to frequently have 1 glass a day ... I know it's awful! So this summer I have been making an effort to drink more water and it's proving rather difficult!

Eating: Lots and lots of FRUIT!! This is the time of year where Scottish strawberries and raspberries are perfect and it just feels so healthy to be eating them! Dollop some greek yogurt and honey over the top of them for a healthy desert, yummmm!

Missing: The sun! Yes you heard it! It's a novel idea right sun in summer? Scotland pull yourself together and bring back the sun! 

Looking forward to: My travels this summer! I am off to Belgium in a few weeks with a gang of my university friends to visit another friend out there. I am the classic european who has only been to a handful of the beautiful countries in Europe. My student years are for exploring so I plan to visit as many european countries as I can! At least 1 more will be ticked off my list this summer!

What have you guys been up to currently? 

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