Thursday, June 20, 2013

Flat Inspiration - Getting excited!

After just finishing my first year at University in Scotland, I am already looking forward to second year! Crazy I know, but I couldn't love the friends I have made at university more and it's hard being without them for so long. I can't wait to be back at university and with them all again. 

Another extremely exciting thing about next year is the fact I am moving in, with 4 other girls, to my own little flat! It is amazing! There are 4 bedrooms, a large hallway with a piano in it, a lounge and a large kitchen, top all that off with the fact it's on the top floor, has great views of the hills and wait for it ... has a turret. Yes you heard correctly a turret! I have been so blessed to get this flat through a friend and I can't believe it is really ours! 

As we are getting the keys to our wee turret flat in less than 10 days I have been spending hours on Pinterest  getting inspiration for my room and for the rest of the flat. I have been having way too much fun with this. I can't wait to finally be able to decorate the walls and have fairy lights after the strict rules last year in university accommodation! Here are some of my favourite pins from Pinterest!

It is the first time having my own flat and being able to decorate it is doubly exciting!!! I am also working on a few DIY projects for the flat which I will be sharing with you all soon. 

Have you guys got any decoration tips for me? How did you decorate your first flat? 

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