Monday, November 11, 2013

Hello Friends!

Hello Friends ... long time no speak! So turns out going back to uni can be rather distracting and work and friends and general things can get in the way ... funny that! 
But! I have missed this blogging malarky! So I think I have found a way to try and keep up with it! 
Instead of doing completely beauty blogging I am going to turn this into more of a lifestyle blog, and a general space for me to share my life with you guys! These are the types of blogs I really enjoy reading, so I though you guys might too.
So here goes! 

Hi! I am Rebecca, I am 18 (19 in a month and 24 days! work that one out!).

Scottish through and through, live in Edinburgh but go to St Andrews University.

I am studying Geography and before you ask no I have not met my prince yet ... the amount of times I get asked that is ridiculous!

I am a christian and Jesus is a huge part of my life and who I am today.

I play tennis, have since I was three and I also love to ski. 

Winter is my favourite season, I love cold, crisp, frosty days and I am like a little kid when it starts to snow! 

My favourite film is dirty dancing, I can watch it over and over and practically quote the whole thing with my best friend.

You may be surprised to hear this but I love rugby! I don't play because I would get squashed and it's a wee bit too manly for me! But it is my favourite sport to watch! The six nations is always a highlight of the year, I mean some of the rugby players are just ... ridiculous ( cough David Denton cough cough).

So thats about me! You will no doubt get to know me more though this wee blog of mine, but those are the basics of me! 

Hope you are all having a great day! Speak soon, 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday's Letters #2

The sun has finally appeared here in Scotland! And unfortunately this has resulted in a lack of blog posts on my part ... oops! It's really is a rare occurrence here so I took advantage of it! Anyway I am off to Belgium with a group of university friends tomorrow! I am so excited!!! So there will be a little break in posts for another week ... I know, I know sorry guys! But, when I get back there will be lots of photos and a few reviews of products I am taking away with me. In the mean time here's my letters!

Dear Scotland- You have finally blessed us with a week of amazing sunshine! The sun really shows off what a beautiful country you are and I remember how lucky I am to live here. Try and let the sun shine for as long as you can! 

Dear Family- Being home from University has really made me appreciate having family around me all the time and I love you all.

Dear Car- Having just past my driving test I really appreciate having you, our cute little red fiat, to drive around in! Although I am being used as a taxi service by my sister! 

Dear Best Friend- I don't even know what I would do without you. I have missed you so much being away from each other at university but I can't wait to go on holiday with you this summer! 

What have you guys been up to? Let me know!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Just Grapefruit Arran Aromatics Review

I love candles! Always have! But living in university accommodation all year where candles are banned has meant my I couldn't burn any of my beautiful candles for a whole 9 ish months! However, this means I have come home to a room full of unburned candles to burn through.

This is my favourite spring/summer candle that I have bought many times. It is a lively fruity smell without being over powering and too sweet. I hate those sweet smelling candles that have any kind of cupcake or marshmallow in their name, they make me feel so ill. But I love soft fruit scents, spices and woody smells, really any of the Jo Malone candles will do me! This candle is a cheaper alternative and on a student budget is the perfect candle I can burn all the time without feeling like I am just burning money! 

It also comes in a nice glass container which is heavy enough for it to feel quite expensive and looks nice on my vanity. Unfortunately to my distress this has been discontinued but I have got my eye on the Green tea and Fig candle for when this runs out!

I would definitely recommend Arran Aromatics if you are looking for lovely candles that won't break the bank. 

What do you think about candles? Do you love them or don't really see the point? Let me know! 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pandora Bracelet

I was given this bracelet for my 17th birthday and I have loved it ever since! I have accumulated quite a few beautiful charms so far but I like being able to show the actual bracelet so I don't want to have too many on at a time. But here are my three favourites.

The christmas tree charm I think have to be my absolute favourite charm, it is solid silver with a solid gold star on the top. I love the silver pandora charms but adding this little bit of gold on top makes it even better! Christmas time is in my opinion the best time of year, not only because I was born in December but just because it's christmas!!! Who doesn't love christmas! So I like to keep a bit of christmas with all year round hence this gorgeous charm which funnily enough I got for christmas! 

The other two charms are pretty simple, the heart is just the perfect charm that looks so pretty on the bracelet and the pearl drop charm is so me! I love pearls and this was my first real pearl jewellery item before I got my necklace and bracelet set for my 18th. I like how is adds an extra dimension to the bracelet having it dropped down on a clip.

These bracelets go with just about anything and are really easy to wear! I love it!

Do you guys own pandora bracelets? What are your favourite charms?

Friday, June 28, 2013

Fridays Letters #1

 [Another walk up the hill, one of my favourite views of Edinburgh]

Taking inspiration from The Sweet Season Blog  I will be starting Friday's Letters to give you all an insight into my week and whats going on in my life! Here goes! 

Dear Friends why do you all live so far away! I miss you and I can't wait to be with you all for our holiday in Belgium next month! I am thankful for Facebook, our conversations about Wimbledon and Apprentice wednesdays to keep us connected. Looking forward to September already to be back at uni and with you lovely people again.

Dear Skype you are amazing. Being able to talk face to face with 9 of my friends, at the same time, all spread around the world has been amazing this summer!

Dear Sun I have forgot you even exist! Where are you?! Scotland needs you right now! 15 degrees C and cloudy is not okay for the end of June! Come back please!!

Dear Sister (Emma) You left for an adventure of a lifetime yesterday, travelling all the way around the world to Malaysia. I know you will have the time of your life and I hope you enjoy every second of it! I know you were stressed about traveling but it is only a means to an end and once you are there it will be worth it! I love you and I will see you in two weeks! 

Dear my lovely readers thank you for stopping by at my little corner of the internet, feel free to look around and comment to say hi! You will make my day! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Skin Care Routine!

Recently after coming back from a very stressful and crazy last few months at university, filled with exams, a few too many late nights and general unhealthiness my skin was looking pretty dull and spotty. After a week or so at home back on the healthy wagon it wasn't looking much better; so I turned to my skincare routine and thought I would make a few changes to see if anything improved. The changes were also slightly fuelled by all the skincare bloggers putting up post after post on skincare, and inspiring me to look at a few new products. 

My routine before was nothing special and blatantly wasn't doing anything for my skin. I was using the Liz Earle Cleanser in the evening and not even washing my face in the morning ... I know! What was I thinking?! Then applying Clinique's dramatically different moisturising lotion, and that was it. Not a particularly good routine what so ever! But after a few purchases and a completely different out look on my skin, my routine looks a lot different! 

Morning routine - 

 Every morning I apply Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and remove it with a warm muslin cloth before splashing my face with cold water. The cold water helps to cool my face down as I have problems with redness. Then I apply my moisturiser which is the Vichy Aqualia Thermal all over my face and then apply my Origins Gin Zing Eye Cream

Evening Routine- 

To remove all my makeup from the day I use the Bioderma water all over my face and eyes. This is my first step in cleansing my face and it makes a huge difference to the rest of my routine. Then I move on to use the Liz Earle Cleanser again to remove the last traces of my makeup and give my face a bit more moisture. Sometime I will apply the Liz Earle cleanser twice if I feel I need it. Then I moisture and apply my eye cream just as I do in the morning. 

Now I am not saying this is the perfect routine, I want to include a toner in their somewhere but I am still doing some research into what will be the best one for me (If you have any suggestions they would be appreciated!). But this is the best my skin has looked and felt for a long time! This is mainly down the the Vichy moisturiser I think which has worked wonders for my dry skin. 

So I am pretty happy with all of the new additions and it's fair to say I am coming pretty skincare obsessed! I feel like my makeup looks and feels so much better on my skin because of this routine and I am actually having to wear much less of it which is a bonus! All of the products listed here will have or have reviews done on them on my blog so click on any of the underlined products if you are interested about a more in depth look into them. 

Have you guys been into skincare lately? Do you have any products you think I should have in my routine? 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday's face.

I have been having a lot of low maintenance makeup days lately which is lovely! This is mainly due to my skin which after completely over hauling my skin care routine is looking rather great at the moment if I don't say so myself! This means today I have only used a handful of products to make me feel less ... naked. 

I started off with the Origins VitaZing blended all over for a dewy finish and a subtle glow, then moved on to use my holy grail Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer to cover any blemishes and finished off with the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder. So thats my base done! The powder and the concealer just add extra coverage but if I am feeling very brave I sometimes go for the Origins on it's own. Today I wanted something extra on my cheeks so went for the Nars Cream Blush in Penny Lane for a really natural flush of colour. This combination is really easy and quick and can be applied without using any brushes which is great for me since cleaning my brushes is such a chore. 

Moving onto the eyes I have used simply curled my eyelashes and applied a few coats of the Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara which is one of my favourites when I don't want to use eyeliner on the top lids. Then I applied a little of Mac's Powerpoint Eye Pencil in So there Jade on my bottom lash line which really enhances blue eyes.

And thats it! I told you my summer makeup was sparse ... and this is now considered a lot of makeup compared to my no makeup days!

Do you wear makeup in the summer or go au natural? Let me know!