Meet Me: 

I'm Rebecca: an 18 year old lover of all things cold, snowy and cozy and who couldn't be without a cup of tea; seriously, tea is very important.

I am always early, never late; I am a hopeless romantic, a christian and an explorer at heart. I believe in long showers, fresh air, good food and laughing. I love taking photos. They are magical; they allow is to recreate the exact moment they were taken in our minds, they stir emotion and store happiness. Naturally I feel you can never take too many photos.

Scotland is home. It is the best country in the world ... naturally. Raised by my two wonderful parents in Edinburgh with my sister.
Studying geography at St Andrews University and before you ask my colouring pencils come everywhere with me. 

This is a space for me to share my life, loves, musings, travel and photography with you wonderful people. If you take anything away from this wee corner of the internet it should be to: laugh, love and live happy.

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